Saturday, July 17, 2010

Genoa Bay by Bette Nordberg

I have read Bette's previous novels and liked them.  This one is riddled with problems.  My book group read it and we all agreed that there was a problem with the plot.  There are many times when adverse conditions are too quickly solved.  The plot seems to be in trouble for the first hundred pages or so. 
My major issue was with the financial condition in which the heroine finds herself.  Her husband was a Navy pilot but died in a crash three years ago.  The Navy "lost" his latest will (since when does a person not have their own copy of their will?).  Her financial situation is made to be dire.  Bette does not mention the monthly VA benefits our heroine would receive (her husband was a captain so the benefit would be considerable).  Nor does she mention the Social Security benefit her daughter would receive until she was eighteen.
And then there are the editorial mistakes - the dessert/desert error and wrong use of "I" after a preposition (at least three times).
We made it through but I would not recommend this book.  There are better novels out there.

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