Thursday, December 23, 2010

Truth Dare by Laura Greiner

Greiner yearned for a deeper faith and found that experiencing God's stories was a way to inch forward. A self described story teller, she shares the stories of people who have taken God at His word in spite of their circumstances, questions, feelings and fears.

A dying six year old reaches out his arms to Jesus, an elderly woman has divine encounters when she has to change her flights, a woman's healed feelings of guilt after an argument with her sister who is then abducted and disappears, believing God is good when a young mother is taken by cancer, a woman with ALS dying well, and a woman worshiping God in her darkest hour are some of the stories told. She has learned how to wait on God in prayer when there is no quick answer.
At the end of every chapter are questions and thoughts for reflection and space for journaling. The author frequently includes Scripture that relates to the story and reinforces the truth being taught in the chapter in this section.
This would be a great study for a woman's group. The stories would provide good material for discussion.

Kregel Publications, 144 pages.

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