Friday, October 7, 2011

Shadows on the Sand by Gayle Roper

Gayle Roper became a widow in this last year and that, I think, is much of the basis for this novel.
Greg is a past policeman who lost his wife and children three years ago in a horrible crime. He is still grieving and has not opened his heart to love again.
Carrie,and her sister Lindsey, were runaways when they arrived in Seaside years ago. Now Carrie owns a restaurant and Lindsey is her very popular baker.
When Carrie's dishwasher Jase, goes missing and is then found dead, the action heats up in the east coast town. It turns out Jase had been part of a cult in Arizona. And there's a young gal, Andi, in Seaside who was in the cult as well. Now she fears for her life.
As Carrie and Greg begin to reveal their hurts and explore a relationship, the cult leaders come to down bent on finding Andi and the evidence she holds against them.

Roper's book is a pleasant romance. She explores the pain of losing a spouse and the grieving process. An added aspect to the plot is the cult, including the character of those leading it and the harm caused to those who had gotten involved. Greg and Carrie are Christians and it was fun to read how they explored opening up to each other within the contest of their faith. This was a quick read, but a very satisfying one.
There's a Reader's Guide in the back for group discussion.

Multnomah, 309 pages.

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