Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Reclaiming Lily by Patti Lacy

Lacy's book grabs you at the beginning and does not let go until the final page.
Pastor Andrew Powell and his wife Gloria have made all the arrangements to adopt a Chinese baby. At the orphanage in China, things fall apart. The babies are not there. But Gloria spies a ten year old girl and asks to adopt her. The director is happy to get rid of this girl.
Forward seven years. Kai Chang, now an American doctor, is on the trail to find her younger sister Lily, adopted seven years ago. Kai had promised her mother, dying of PKD, that she would find the daughter they had to leave at an orphanage because of Chinese laws.
Dr. Chang has devoted her career to treating those with PKD. The disease was genetic so it was imperative she find Lily and have her tested for the disease.
Kai does find the Powells in Texas and meets with them. There is tension, especially from Gloria who does not trust Kai. Joy (Lily's American name) has been acting out and is at a teen detention center. Kai goes with the Powells to the center and a tornado sweeps through the town.
As the story develops, we see Joy excited about her heritage and a sister. We see Gloria full of tension as Kai invades their family and befriends Joy. Joy is tested for PKD and is found clear. But then Kai suddenly shows some serious symptoms of the deadly disease. Kai had been willing to give of her life, a kidney, to save Joy. Now, would Joy do the same for Kai? Since Joy is under age, will her parents allow the sacrifice?
Added to this sensitive story is Gloria's desire to have a baby, then experiencing a miscarriage. Also a part of the mix is Kai's boyfriend. A committed Christian, he breaks off his relationship with Kai as she is a nonbeliever. Kai is devastated. She calls out to God but feels He is silent.

Lacy has written a great novel woven around the Chinese adoption process and the deadly PKD. Threads of teenage rebellion, the meaning of family, sacrifice, the desire to believe, and forgiveness make up the rest of the novel's tapestry.
The novel ends rather abruptly. But then, at nearly 400 pages, it was time to end. Nonetheless, Lacy kept me emotionally involved, right up to the very last page with its pleasant twist.

Patti Lacy graduated from Baylor University with a BS in education and completed master's-level courses in English at Indiana State University. She taught at Heartland Community College until May 2006, when she resigned to pursue her passion of writing. The author of three previous novels, Patti is the mother of two grown children and lives with her husband in Normal, Illinois.
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patti lacy said...

Joan, praise God for your ministry through a Christian bookstore! I just participated in Christian bookstore week here in Illinois. What a blessed time!!!

Your investment of time and energy into MY ministry thrills the heart of this writer!