Friday, January 25, 2013

Reasons for Belief by Geisler & Tunnicliffe

Has someone asked you lately why you are a Christian? Do you have reasons that you can quickly relate to your inquirer?
The authors identify ten major criticisms of Christianity to which believers should know how to respond. There is more evidence than ever substantiating the Bible and the deity and resurrection of Jesus, the authors write. They use the evidence to answers the ten critical issues.
#1 Real truth does not exist. The authors help us understand what truth is, how it must be backed up by facts, and how it is tested (using logic).
#2 God does not exist. Evidence is given for the existence of God and the kind of God the evidence points to. Worldviews are explored and the basic arguments for God's existence given.
#3 If God exists, he isn't necessarily the God of the Bible. The authors compare the attributes of God given in the Bible and the attributes indicated by the evidence available.
#4 Miracles don't happen. The definition of a miracle is reviewed, their purposes, and how those in Christianity differ from those claimed by other religions.
#5 The New Testament's many errors make it unreliable. The early dates and accuracy of the manuscripts are covered. “...[T]he New testament is the most accurate document from the ancient world.” (103)
#6 Jesus never claimed to be God. It is shown from the gospels that the Jews of the day certainly understood Jesus was claiming to be God. Other evidence is given, as well.
#7 Jesus didn't prove he was God. Evidence is given from within the Bible, such as the virgin birth and fulfilled prophecy.
#8 Jesus did not rise from the dead. Arguments against the resurrection are answered. Other evidence is given, such as martyred apostles.
#9 The Bible isn't the only true religious book. Jesus claiming to be the only way is reviewed. What other religions say about God is examined.
#10 Christianity is too narrow. There are many ways to God. The claims of other religions are compared to those of Christianity.

They show how Jesus is unique, remind us that Jesus is God and that His claims are true.
They end the book, having presented all the evidence, by showing how these truths impact our life and how to share this information.

Recognizing that this book will not answer every question Christians have about belief, they give a list of resources to further investigate apologetics, including web sites and books.

This is certainly an introductory level book. It by no means extensively covers any aspect of apologetics. For a Christian just beginning to understand the need to defend their faith, this would make an excellent resource.
It should be noted that the authors use the Bible in answering several of the criticisms. Readers who do not have the viewpoint that the Bible is authoritative may find some of the answers to the criticisms insufficient.

Norman L. Geisler is distinguished professor of Apologetics and Theology at Veritas Evangelical Seminary in Murrieta, California. He is the author of over eighty books. He and his wife live in Charlotte, North Carolina. Learn more at

Patty Tunnicliffe is a former public school teacher, Bible teacher, and conference speaker. She and her husband make their home in Santa Barbara, California.

Baker Publishing Group, 240 pages. Publisher product page.

I received a complimentary egalley of this book from the publisher for the purpose of this review.

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