Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Poison by Jordyn Redwood

This is the second in the Bloodline Trilogy. If you haven't read Proof, you should do so before reading this novel as most of the plot line results from events in Proof.
It is five years after the horrible murder scene where SWAT team member Lee Watson rescued Keelyn Samuels and her sister Raven. Their father had murdered all the other members of the family, claiming to be influenced by Lucent.
Lee and Keelyn had bumped into each other two years later and developed a relationship. Keelyn and her sister are now estranged.
Keelyn is at a diner waiting for Lee when a man sits down next to her. He claims to be Lucent. But that can't be. The FBI had concluded Lucent was just a hallucination, not an actual human being. He has a message for Keelyn. Raven's child is in danger and needs Keelyn. Keelyn is shocked. She didn't even know Raven had a child.
And then, one by one, the officials involved in that rescue five years ago start dying.

This is another great novel in this series. Again, you'll want to have read the first in the series as so much of the action, the relationships, and the suspense arises out of events in the first book.
I learned about a new type of social science. Keelyn's expertise is in interpreting body language, a relatively new art although scientifically based. Often companies hired her to sit in contract negotiations. She would view interrogations, detecting telltale signs of the individual's truthfulness. It was great to read about how she interprets bodily actions. (Now I know why I like to keep my feet under the table when in a group setting.)

There is plenty of action in this novel, including a suspenseful ending. The plot is quite involved. Desires for revenge can be long lasting and intense. We see that in this plot. An event from decades ago is the origin of this novel's murderous content.
One aspect of police procedure I like is when the authorities are smarter than I am. In this novel, I knew who the bad person was going to be early on. I was disappointed that the police and FBI didn't get on the character's case earlier.

Nonetheless, this is a good novel. The ending seems to wrap up the story so it will be interesting to see what will come in the third book of the series.

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Jordyn Redwood has specialized in critical care and emergency nursing for seventeen years. A member of both the American Association of Critical Care Nurses and the American Christian Fiction Writers association, Jordyn lives in Colorado.

Kregel Publications, 312 pages.

I received a complimentary copy of this book from the publisher for the purpose of this review.

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