Sunday, June 16, 2013

Sneak by Evan Angler

This is the second in The Swipe Series. Logan has escaped getting the Mark and needs to get to Beacon, the place where his sister is in prison. He manages to hook up with the Dust, his Markless friends from Swipe. But not all of the Markless like Logan. His escape has caused DOME to increase their efforts to rid the land of the rebellious unmarked teens. And there is a price on his head.

Through treachery and betrayal, Logan makes his way to Beacon and his beloved sister. And on this journey he is introduced to a book with whisper-thin pages. It is in this book that Logan finds the answers to so many of his questions.

There is great action in the continued story. We read of an underground railroad that helps Logan travel across the country. But even some of these helpers can be traitors.
There are reports of a third of the fish dying in the oceans. We find out more about what the Bible says about the time and it becomes clear that the Markless teens are holding out against the man who would be ruler of the whole world.

This is a great series for teens showing a very possible future. It is also an inspiration to see teens stand up for what they know is right. Even though the Bible is a banned book, many teens know what it says and believe its truth, even if it means death.

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Thomas Nelson, 275 pages.

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