Thursday, October 31, 2013

The Pandora Box by Lilly Maytree

What a delightful novel. It has everything I like in a novel – a strong female heroine, a handsome but mysterious male counterpart, a mystery, espionage, an adventure, lots of action, a frustrated romance, humor, a good plot, surprises at the end, and a set up for a sequel.

Dee Parker is a gutsy investigative journalist with a Portland, Oregon newspaper. While investigating a state mental hospital she befriends an elderly man who claims he is being wrongly held. He manages to sneak information to Dee, information revealing the hidden location of millions of dollars worth of diamonds stolen during World War II. When Dee is told that the old man has died she decides to pursue the lead to the diamonds. She convinces her older friend Marion to come with her. One safety deposit box later the two women descend upon a seaside town and the old man's sailboat. Dee finds the sailboat occupied by a handsome but gruff fellow who claims the boat is his. Hawk and his friend Starr manage to come to terms with the two women (it's not easy). Even though Dee has a run in with the FBI, the foursome set sail for Russia and the diamonds.

That is when the action gets intense. They find out there is more to all of this than they've been told. There are others out to find the diamonds – others with deadly intentions who will stop at nothing to get them first.

This is a well written novel. Dee is a great heroine. She is the daughter of a preacher and a survivor of four brothers. She will not be deterred. Marion is a wonderful sidekick with a sense of humor that is fun to read. Hawk and Starr are conflicted men. They are honorable men, but the women drive them crazy. That's not a good combination for a peaceful voyage.

But it sure is a good combination for a great novel. I really liked it. The plot twists at the end are great. I look forward to more from this talented author.

Lilly Maytree has written several books and is herself, with her Captain, an avid sailor. You can follow her adventures on the Glory B, read about her other books and watch a trailer for this one at her blog, , and find out other information at

Harbourlight Books, 338 pages.

I received a complimentary egalley of this book through the Book Group Network for the purpose of this review.

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