Saturday, September 20, 2014

ROAR by Scottie Nell Hughes

Hughes had written this book because she wants Conservative women to speak out, to not shy away from battles. She wants Conservative women to know they are not alone in their quest to save the family. Conservative women need to know the strength they have and the influence they can have through social media.

She writes about parental freedom in raising children. “My biggest fear is that the government will continue to weave in and out of the family dynamic until we will no longer be able to make choices according to our own discernment.” (86) She gives her opinions on motherhood, birth control devices, education, the disarmament of women, the media, freedom of religion, women in combat (not), the (supposed) gender gap, climate change, and more.

Hughes is quick to make it clear that she is a biased journalist, believing that her opinion is correct and supported by facts. (120)

If you believe the Left can do no right and the Right can do no wrong, you'll love this book. It is definitely a book for Republican women as Hughes writes about cooking meals, being sexy in bed, dating in college, being a mommy, etc.

I was bothered by Hughes' style of writing. She is really “in your face,” so to speak. I found it interesting that she writes of the Left, “I think the key element missing in today's media is respect...” (121) But she uses phrases like “mindless voters,” “Leftist loonies,” “Liberal vultures,” and “President Obama and his mindless toadies.” If she honestly wants to criticize lack of respect on the Left, then I would think she would show some in return. I don't listen to the rhetoric from the Right (nor from the Left, for that matter), so I was a a bit shocked by her language of attack.

Hughes writes, “The weakest link in the Conservative movement today unfortunately falls on the shoulders of the female.” (5) She wants Conservative women to speak out, to make their voice heard. I'm all for it, as long as we remain respectful before God and our fellow man (and woman).

This book is a combination of thoughts on being a woman and encouragement for women to find their voice. I've never wanted to be a model for Victoria's Secret nor have I had my bikini line waxed, so I had difficulty identifying with some of Hughes' thoughts on being a woman. Women for whom concepts like that are important will like this book.

I wish there had been some practical suggestions for women on how to speak out. Hughes has given a great deal of encouragement to do so but has failed to tell women what they can do and how they can do it.

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Scottie Nell Hughes currently serves as the news director for the Tea Party News Network. She has covered a wide range of stories, completed interviews of numerous well known people and appeared on major television programs. She serves as a columnist for,, and She contributes to Patriot.TV and, and is a former PolitiChick. She has won numerous awards including Citizen of the Year for the City of Hendersonville, Tennessee, in 2011. She and her husband Chris have two children. Find out more at

Worthy Publishing, 288 pages.

I received a complimentary digital galley of this book for the purpose of an independent and honest review.

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