Thursday, October 16, 2014

An Insider's Guide to Spiritual Warfare by Kristine McGuire

Spiritual warfare,” McGuire writes, “is a reality for every person on some level.” We might think that spiritual warfare is found only in the supernatural. But she reminds us that we also experience spiritual warfare through the temptations of this world and through our own carnal desires. McGuire gives us her strategy for spiritual warfare in this book.

She knows whereof she speaks. She accepted Christ as Savior when a child. As an adult, she spent eight years journeying into witchcraft, spiritualism, and ghost-hunting before recommitting her life to Christ. She writes from her own experience.

Each of us is engaged in spiritual warfare, even if we do not recognize it. Christians need to understand we have an enemy who seeks to harm us. “Satan hates us and seeks our utter destruction.” McGuire takes us through the origin of the warfare and teaches us about our allies, angels. She helps us take seriously the existence of Satan and understand his strategy. She also explains our weapons.

She focuses on the mind, where most of the spiritual warfare happens, identifying common battlegrounds. Suffering can leave us vulnerable. Worry and fear can lead to lack of trust in God. She also addresses anger, lust, laziness, gossip and strife. She reminds us of the occult influence permeating our culture and how deception has crept into the church.

She ends her book by reminding us of the key to spiritual warfare and warns against opening unwanted spiritual doors. She includes the truth about ghosts and strategies for tearing down strongholds, including the spiritual disciplines that need to be developed.

This is a very practical book. You won't find spectacular exorcisms in this book. Instead you will find the strategy for the spiritual warfare of every day life. She includes penetrating questions at the end of each chapter as well as practical action steps to be taken.

I recommend this book for those who seek to understand what spiritual warfare is and how it is waged daily.

Kristine McGuire grew up in church but, as a adult, became immersed in the occult. In 2007 she renounced her occult affiliations and recommitted her life to Christ. She has been interviewed on The 700 Club and Women Today and her writing has been featured in various Christian magazines. She and her husband live in Grandville, Michigan. Find out more at

Chosen (a division of Baker Publishing Group), 237 pages.

I received a complimentary copy of this book through Glass Road Media for the purpose of an independent and honest review.

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