Wednesday, December 17, 2014

The Joy of Success by Susan Ford Collins

This is the first book in a Technology of Success series. While working at the National Institute of Health, she wondered what could be learned from studying healthy, highly successful people. She studied successful people for two decades to find out what made them successful. She found that the same ten skills showed up. She calls this skill set The Technology of Success.

In this book she helps us first understand what success is. She helps us identify areas where others have defined success for us. She encourages us to define our own success and then gives us the skills to move forward in our own dreams. She explains creating dreams with power and of committing to one dream.

Collins identifies the three gears of success and the importance of going through them. She explains the necessity of finding co-dreamers and the importance of communicating with them. She relates how to find people who will take action with us and how we can use their expertise. She helps us deal with limiting experiences from the past, updating them and their affect on the future. She helps us know how to hold the dream all the way to completion (the method will come). We need to shield our dream, our co-dreamers and facilitators. We need to be able to switch our view from problems to solutions. And through it all we must keep our balance.

This is a good book for those looking for a team approach to success. The skills listed are broad in nature. There are no specific tasks or lists of actions given. The reader would need to think through each skill and arrive at an implementation plan on his own. This may be difficult for readers looking for a more detailed exploration of success skills.

Collins has included a number of stories that serve a illustrations of the skills she describes. Some of them are from Collins' own life and are rather personal and romantic. The stories helped me understand how the skills worked on a personal level, in addition to a business level.

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Susan Ford Collins spent two decades studying successful people. She has given seminars to companies such as American Express, IBM, CNN, as well as many educational institutions. She is an internationally known speaker, artist, potter, gardener and photographer.

The Technology of Success, 182 pages.

I received a complimentary digital copy of this book through The Book Club Network for the purpose of an independent and honest review.

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