Wednesday, May 27, 2015

The Hawk and the Dove series Book 2 by Penelope Wilcock

The second book in this series continues with the same framework – a contemporary setting prompting the telling of a story from medieval times.

The stories again have moral messages for contemporary readers. One tells of a debate called by an Augustinian Prior to determine whether God's justice or love is the greater attribute. We learn of an ulterior motive to the whole event. Another is about friendship. “A friend is someone who helps you persevere.” (48)

There are little lessons embedded in both the contemporary and medieval stories. For example, one of the daughters in the contemporary family must visit a doctor. In the waiting room, they see a doctor misunderstand a young girl. Our narrator catches the misunderstanding and gives her daughter a lesson. Understanding is something very different from knowledge. One must listen to the wisdom of life to gain that understanding. “They can't teach you that at university, or medical school...” (82)

This is another interesting book in the series. I found the stories from the monastery entertaining as well as instructive, each one yielding a lesson in life. One learns more about life in a medieval monastery too.

Penelope Wilcock is a full-time writer and former Methodist minister, prison and hospice chaplain. She lives in Hastings on England's south coast with her family. You can follow her popular blog, Kindred of the Quiet Way, here.

Lion Hudson (distributed in the U. S. by Kregel), 187 pages.

I received a complimentary copy of this book from the publisher for the purpose of an independent and honest review.

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