Saturday, December 12, 2015

Overcoming Obstacles by Terryann Scott

Scott wants to encourage us. She gives many good suggestions in a devotional format. Unfortunately, no practical steps are included as to how to carry out those good suggestions.

For example: “Be yourself; move pass (sic) the negatives and embrace the love.” Great advice but a whole book could be written on how to do that. She encourages us not to put off opportunities - “Beware of procrastination...” I have read entire books dealing with procrastination. When we are hurt, she writes, “forgive them and reflect on God's love; strive to do that which is right.” That is easier said than done.

I wish completing the actions Scott suggests were as easy as they are made to be. When writing about getting rid of baggage, she writes, “If you are wondering if this can be done, the answer is yes and you do this by making the choice to not let your past affect you anymore nor determine the outcome of your present or future state.” I really do wish it was as easy as merely making a choice. Getting to the point of not letting the past affect you is a tough process and may take much time, energy, and work of the Holy Spirit.

The aspect of this book I appreciated the most was the Scriptures given at the end of each chapter. They are good for reminding readers to rely on God and put their trust in Him. “God is willing to help and He is just a prayer away.”

The book does have some typographical errors, such as the one presented above. The last quarter of the book contains the author's bio and snippets about her other books.

My rating: 3/5 stars.

Terryann Scott is an author, educator, speaker, minister and counselor. She is the Women's Director at Living Waters Christian Center Church in Jamaica and founder of SRM Foundation, a Christian based organization dedicated to restoring and transforming lives. She and her family live in Jamaica, West Indies, where they have a recording studio, a music school a video production company and a booking agency. You can find out more at

Scott's Publishing, 58 pages. The book is a free Kindle download, available here.

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