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Storms in Serenity by Fay Lamb Blog Tour

About the Book

Book Title: Storms in Serenity  
Author: Fay Lamb  
Release Date: February, 2018  
Genre: Romance, Mystery  

How can one man save the town he loves when he’s the reason for the destruction? Serenity Key, Florida, has seen its share of hurricanes, but this time, one foul weather system is about to collide with another storm, and this one has nothing to do with atmospheric pressure. David New has guarded his secrets for years, but when two brothers, John and Andy Ryan, arrive in town and he gets news that the daughter he’s never told anyone about has disappeared, possibly the victim of a heinous crime, and the lives of many of the town residents begin to unravel in the gale force consequences of Jake’s past, he has nowhere else to turn. God is the only one Who can calm the storms, but can David and the good folks of Serenity Key survive until He does? A tempest has been brewing for thirty years, with only one island town in its path.

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My Review

This novel is a loose modern day retelling of the aftermath of the biblical story of David's adultery. The parallels to the original story were not always clear to me. For example, the child from the adultery does not die in this story but the wife of David does. The contemporary David does not take the adulteress woman as his wife and have more children, as the biblical David did. There is no early confrontation from a prophet but there is an Absalom of sorts.

There is a plethora of characters in the story and it seemed every one of them was hiding something. There were a number of adulteries among the characters, some hidden, some open. There were secrets galore. I was frequently confused as to who was doing what to whom, since the secret histories of the characters were so complex and intertwining. Lamb even notes in a Letter to Readers at the beginning of the novel that we might get lost at first. I did and I am not sure I ever fully found my way again.

The spiritual message comes through loud and clear, however. Secret sins, hidden for decades, still have impact and may hurt many people. We are also reassured that God's love overcomes the wrong. I do recommend this book to readers who like a large cast of characters with complex relationships, many of which are initially hidden from the reader.

About the Author

Fay Lamb writes emotionally charged stories with a Romans 8:28 attitude, reminding readers that God is always in the details. Fay donates 100% of her royalties to Christian charities. Storms in Serenity is the first book in Fay’s Serenity Key series. Fay’s other series include, Amazing Grace and her novels, Stalking Willow, Better than Revenge, Everybody’s Broken, and Frozen Notes. The Ties that Bind Series includes Charisse, Libby, and Hope. Delilah, is coming soon. Fay’s is also the author of The Art of Characterization: How to Use the Elements of Storytelling to Connect Readers to an Unforgettable Cast.

Guest Post from Fay Lamb

ONCE UPON A STORM I’m one of those people who love storms. I revel in the lightning that streaks across the sky, the rumble of thunder as it rolls over the air, and I dance to the eerie sound of the wind coming through a crack in the window. Storms don’t frighten me. I’m an East Coast Floridian. I’ve lived through many a tempest. However, so that you won’t think me completely insane, I have also fled a few hurricanes. In our house, a Cat III storm is something to debate as we watch to see how low the millibars fall at the storm’s center. A Cat IV means gather the important documents, place them into plastic bags and tuck them into plastic tubs, batten down the hatches, and depending upon its projected proximity, hunker down or flee. A Cat V is a no-brainer. Run! If only the storms in our lives had categories so that we know when to stand and face the winds of life or to debate the direction, or to decide when to flee. Sometimes, the storms of life come at us without warning, with no stirring up of the waters by our own hands. Other times, the storms can be abated by the stance we take, the decisions we make, and by failing to move out of harm’s way, perhaps in an opposite direction. That’s what my first novel in The Serenity Key series is about: one man stirred up a storm many years prior. The destructive force of that storm amassed because he didn’t take a stand, he failed to make crucial decisions, and he choose to run from a situation that God would not allow him to outrun. Storms in Serenity is a modern-day retelling of the Biblical truths of the aftermath of David’s sin with Bathsheba and the destruction the storms of life that blew apart not only David’s family but also those he called friends. Mostly, though, Storms in Serenity, is a novel that proves that when it comes to sin, truly, no man is an island.

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