Saturday, April 7, 2018

Dangerous Habits by Susan Hunter

Leah Nash is a newspaper reporter in a small town in Wisconsin. Five years ago her younger sister, Lacy, had been in a facility for troubled youth. When Lacy disappeared it was assumed she ran away. When her body was found much later, her fall from a cliff was ruled an accident. Leah receives a puzzling message that indicates her sister's death was murder. Leah runs head long to investigate, even when her own life is in danger.

This is a good mystery with a very complex plot. Leah sort of bounces around as she makes her way through twists and turns of newly uncovered information. I appreciated her tenacious spirit but I was a little disappointed that she jumped to conclusions so quickly. I would have expected a more reasoned approach from a reporter. But Leah's attitude is also some of her charm. I trust she will mature in future novels.

I like Hunter's writing style. There were some insights about life included in the novel that surprised me and gave me pause to think. For example, a local priest says, “Finding the truth isn't always the same as finding the answers, Leah. It requires great discernment to know which is most important.” (Loc 1511/5278)

I like to learn something when I read a novel and there were several informative sections included in this book. I found out why nuns wear habits and how we all wear them. They might be emotional or physical. I also learned about the true significance of Cinco de Mayo.

I recommend this mystery to readers who enjoy a complex plot where people are not who they seem. This is a good start to a series and I look forward to reading more of them.

You can find out more about the series at This first book in the series is a free download from several online book sources.

My rating: 4/5 stars.

Susan Hunter has worked as a reporter and managing editor of a small daily newspaper. She has received prizes for her investigative reporting and feature writing. She has also taught composition at the college level. She and her husband live in rural Michigan.

Himmel River Press, 340 pages. This book is a free download from several online book retailers.

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