Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Past Sins by Mary Alford

I enjoyed this Christian romantic suspense novella. It was a good evening's entertainment. The plot moves along nicely and there is a good amount of character development for the novella's length. Part of that is because Samantha and Zack have a history. Samantha returned to the Cheyenne Indian Reservation in north Wyoming needing a break from her Washington, DC FBI duties. She had been violently attacked and the villain was still at large. The first person she met upon her return was her old flame, Zack, now the chief of police.

An FBI agent on a break and a chief of police make a good duo for a suspenseful plot. They had been dating years ago when Samantha left. We readers hope the two can get beyond their hurt to rekindle their romance. Add to that a crazy killer hot on Samantha's heels and you have a good romantic suspense.

I would have liked to have had Samantha's previous attack placed in a prologue. While the facts were revealed little by little, I think knowing about the attack right away would have heightened the suspense.

This is a good novella for readers who like a quick and entertaining novella with a good deal of romance and suspense. Samantha and Zack are both Christians. That adds a good element of spiritual strength as well.

My rating: 4/5 stars.

Mary Alford was inspired to become a writer by reading captivating romantic suspense. She writes for Love Inspired Romance as well as Christian romance and sweet romance. You can find out more at http://maryalford.net/.

Winged Publications, 109 pages.

I received a complimentary digital copy of this book from the author. My comments are an independent and honest review.

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