Sunday, November 2, 2008

Rules of Deception by Christopher Reich

I am finding aspects of Christianity are included in more and more best sellers. Reich's Rules of Deception is a recent example. A rogue section of the U.S. government is selling to Iran, through a third party, implements to build a nuclear device. The character heading up this project is a "fanatic" Christian. He is convinced he can quicken the Lord's return by causing a war between Iran and Israel. The end times view that an individual has does make a difference as to the political leaning that individual will exhibit. It is a scary idea that a "fanatic" in the high levels of the U. S. military or spy service could cause prophetic events to occur. Reich has done a good job of creating a page turner (the book is on the best seller list). It is a shame that he also has to point out to us Christians the problems that may come when we think we can do the Lord's work in causing prophetic events to happen. If you want to read an exciting spy novel and also get a glimpse of how the world views some Christians, I recommend Rules of Deception.

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