Sunday, December 12, 2010

It's Your Call by Gary Barkalow

Do you know the particular purpose of your life? Do you know who you are, what really gives you fulfillment and your life meaning?

You are more than you have imagined. “You know you're created to be something, to do something, to contribute something, but it's so hard to figure out what that something is.”
It is hard to find purpose or place in this world. Barkalow suggests the key is finding your calling (a weighty purpose in life). This book helps you travel that path leading to knowing what you are doing here.
Barkalow understands that God's calling involves mystery. “Mystery is an invitation to intimacy with God.” You must continue to ask, seek, and knock to find the deep things of God.
Finding your calling is a journey. Although the calling is within you (it relates to the essence of who you are), it must be developed. This journey of development and discovery is “the overlooked but crucial truth...that we will have to fight for every square inch of our calling.” Barkalow gives a strategy to succeed in the battle.
Your calling is related to your deepest desire. The author says, “The realization of your calling is the fulfillment of your truest desires.” Not every desire is good, however, and part of the journey is the maturity and experience required to identify the desires God has placed in your hearts. Knowing and living your calling will not come as an epiphany but through a long process of trying and finding. Barkalow quotes Publilius Syrus: “It takes a long time to bring excellence to maturity.” In the end you will find, “You were created to do what you most want to do.”
How are we to know when you are living in your calling? “When the world experiences the effect of our lives, then we are walking in our calling.” It will be said you, as it was of David (Acts 13:36), that you served the purposes of God in your generation.
While the concept of calling is rather personal, this would be a great book for a discipleship study. Unfortunately, there are no study nor discussion questions included in the book.

David C Cook, 197 pages.

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Life in general and the book in particular will provide discussion questions for a group so inclined. JHK