Tuesday, February 8, 2011

eye of the god by Ariel Allison

The Hope Diamond, is it really cursed?
Art pieces around the world have been stolen with an efficiency that has Interpol baffled. Thieves plan to steal the diamond from The Smithsonian and curator Dr. Abigail Mitchell is in the thick of it.
Abigail has another struggle, her father. He had abandoned her and values his work much more highly than he does his daughter. She desires his love but suspects his character is not what she wants in a father.
Who is the handsome man posing as a reporter who wines and dines her? Can she trust him?
Allison has woven a great art theft mystery with the history of the Hope Diamond. She alternates history with the current attempt to steal the jewel. The way she had done it works well and kept my interest in both stories.
I was disappointed just a little bit in the ending. It was just a little to neat in the romance aspect. Nonetheless, I highly recommend this novel for a good read. You get a mystery and learn about the Hope Diamond as well.
The discussion questions at the end make this a great choice for book groups.

Abingdon Press, 348 pages.

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