Sunday, February 6, 2011

The Omega Theory by Mark Alpert

Iran has completed an underground test of a nuclear bomb. The U. S. President sends a carrier group to the area. The world appears to be on the brink of war.
David, a history of science professor at Columbia and a member of Physicists for Peace, and his physicist wife had unearthed the unified field theory of Einstein. Knowing the danger it presented, they hid it. But now it appears that Iran experimented with more than just a nuclear device. There are indications that the very fabric of the universe was momentarily disturbed.  They may have the dangerous unified field theory formula.
A religious guru, Brother Cyrus, is ready to forcefully usher in a new spiritual era.  He is actually a high up U. S. official in charge of millions of dollars in government contracts.  He is able to send some of the "black money" to his followers.  He believes the entire universe is a computer program and he wants to disrupt the program and end the world as we know it. He believes the world would reboot (so to speak) as a different universe, ushering in a new spiritual reality. Devices from the Reagan Star Wars era have been reconfigured to cause the destruction. Can the end of the world be prevented?
There is lots of physics in this novel.  I found it intriguing.  There is also a religious cult leader (based loosely on Christian beliefs) who thinks he can usher in the end time.  It gives one pause to think about what might happen when one man believes he can determine the future of all mankind.

This book was provided for review in the form of an egalley from Simon & Schuster.

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