Thursday, June 2, 2011

Heart of Ice by Liz Wiehl with April Henry

This is Wiehl's third in the Triple Threat series.  Three women get caught up in the drama of a sociopath they all know.
Cassidy is a crime investigative reporter for a local Portland television station.  Allison is in the District attorney's office and Nicole is with the FBI.  All three women have pain and hurt in their past.
Cassidy works out at the fitness center and meets an exercise instructor, Elizabeth.  Elizabeth is so together Cassidy is taken in by her personality.  She even invited her friends Allison and Nicole to participate in the "boot camp" exercise class.
But Elizabeth is a sociopath.  She drowned two children when she was in her teens.  She manipulates Joey, who she knows from her time in a juvenile center.  Joey is fascinated with fire and is easily talked into burning down the house of the ex-wife of Elizabeth's boyfriend.  When that does not satisfy Elizabeth, she convinces Joey to kill the ex-wife and child.
There is a second sociopath in Portland.  He's killed three women.  Nicole is on the case and finds the well hidden evidence that will put him away.
This is definitely a woman's thriller.  Nicole discovers she has breast cancer and Wiehl writes considerably about Nicole's worries, something I think a male reader would find boring. 
Having read all of Patterson's Women's Murder Club series, I found this novel to be in the same genre, but "lite."  Cassidy seems to be a little dumb and naive, even though she investigates crime.  Nicole seemed to be totally out of character for an FBI agent when her daughter is threatened.  Rather than being professional, she acts like a scared mother endangering her daughter more, rather than smartly protecting her.  Christianity is included although subtle.  No character struggles with faith issues.
Nonetheless, it is an exciting read for those of us who love thrillers.  This was my first Triple Threat read and I enjoyed it enough I'll go back and read the first in the series.
There are reading group discussion questions at the end of the book.
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