Tuesday, June 14, 2011

On Hummingbird Wings by Lauraine Snelling

Gillian is a high power executive in New York City.  She loves her work, the stress, the challenge.
Her younger sister calls from California.  Their mother insists she is dying.  Could Gillian travel to California to be with her mother?
It's a bad time for Gillian.  She has a big proposal due.  But she'll catch a red eye and take a long weekend away from her job.  She hasn't been to see her mother in...has it been five years?
When Gillian arrives in California she faces an antagonistic sister and a depressed mother.  She also meets the handsome fellow down the street.  On the morning TV news she is shocked to find out that the company she works for has been taken over by another.  A call to her boss reveals that all the executives have been let go.  He suggests she take a month and then give him a call.  Maybe he'll have a job for her.
Suddenly Gillian finds out that she is no longer in control of her life.  How will she deal with her defeated mother?  How can she get through to her snippy sister?  And where is God in all of this?

Snelling has written another great novel.  There is a bit of humor, a bit of struggling with God, a bit of romance, a bit of family dynamics, a bit of gardening and a bit of wondering what life will bring.  This is an all around pleasing novel and with the reading group guide in the back, a good choice for groups reading romance novels.

FaithWords, 340 pages.

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