Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Proof of the Afterlife by Br. Gary Joseph

It was 1:15 in the morning, September 27, 2005 and Gary Joseph could not sleep. He had a vision of God. “He communicated not in linear thoughts, but by instant absorption, transmitting millions of messages that flooded my soul in a brief moment.” (12) “...[A] cascade of spiritual meetings began to take place...” (15) He began keeping a journal.
Joseph has written this book so that others can share in the dialogue “with the other side.” (15) He thinks each of us has “the ability to hear the voice of God speaking in our lives today.” (15)
For me, an evangelical Christian, Protestant, many of his visions and visitations are problematic. He says, “...[C]onversation does indeed continue with loved ones, dead or alive.” (25) He had a visitation from his brother, after he had died. (37) God was preparing his brother for heaven. When his brother went to heaven, God revealed that it was “because there was one time in his life he was merciful to someone.” (39) This was after twenty years of Purgatory.
He had a visit to his father in Purgatory. There was darkness and isolation. (57) His father spent only five years in Purgatory before going to heaven.
He has a chapter honoring Mary, receiving the knowledge that she was to be called “Consultant of Grace.” (135) “I take this to mean that Mary is the person for each of us to go to, who like a doctor, to ask for her advice about how to prepare ourselves to live holy lives and to receive special graces from God to make that happen.” (135, sic)
Other people appeared to him, One was a friend of his mother's, a woman who had been dead nine years yet was “a wandering soul, still drifting without an eternal home.” (143) She said the angels would not let her into heaven unless she gave her life to Jesus. He convinced her to do so. (144)
Gary Joseph ends his book with a prayer that is said to release 1,000 from Purgatory each time it is said. (185)

Again, as an evangelical Protestant, I have a great deal of difficulty with most of his visions and visitations. Gary Joseph is Catholic and many of his visions concur with Catholic teaching but not with what is revealed in the Bible.
Also, the title of the book is a bit presumptive. I am not sure many would accept one person's accounts of interaction with those in the afterlife as “proof” that there is in fact, an afterlife.
This is a self-published book and certainly shows the lack of editing.
Br. Gary Joseph is involved in ministry to the homeless in the Los Angeles area. You can visit www.ServantsoftheFather.org for more information and for copies of the book.

I received a copy of the book from the author for the purpose of this review.

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