Sunday, August 28, 2011

Response Able by Matthew Hagee

Hagee wants you to believe that no matter who you are, no matter your circumstances, “You have the ability to respond to the world around you and make a huge impact on your quality of life in the future.” (1) “Your destiny is yours to determine unless you decide to forfeit the privilege.” (2) “The time has come for this generation to take responsibility for tomorrow, and the response begins with you.” (5)
You must live by principle, not passion. (Be passionate about your principles.) Be submitted. “The amount of submission you are willing to live under will determine the level of success you can achieve.” (21) “If your desire is truly to make a difference in this world, you must wage war on mediocrity.” (27) Do “just a little bit more to be a little bit better every day.” (28) Be thankful. “Gratitude is the key that releases the supernatural power of God in your life.” (34) Be patient. “You may be scrubbing someone else's floor today but if you take the right steps, you can be on the throne tomorrow.” (53)
“If you want to make a real difference, you are going to have to work and work hard. There are no set hours; begin early and stop when you are done.” (71)
Get back to the Word of God as a standard of truth. “...[F]ocus on using finances as a tool to be of benefit to as many as possible...” (105)
He encourages parents to be the primary source of their child's education. (153) “The best thing you can do for your children is to put your hands on them and bless them. Pray the promises of God over them.” (174)
On the political scene, he believes it is time for a new party. He encourages the reader to listen to the kind of party he is proposing before you say it won't work. (194) I am not sure what he is proposing as what follows is an encouragement for voters to hold candidates accountable, to write in candidates, and to not follow trends. He suggests this be called The Responsible Party.
He ends with a call for Christians to work together.
The end of each chapter contains bullet points reviewing the major thoughts, and questions to consider.

I was struck by how much Hagee did not write about the sovereignty of God. He would have us believe that we must “get it done.” He would have us think that the future depends on us. I guess I believe too much in the sovereignty of God to be impressed with that kind of thinking.
Matthew Hagee is John Hagee's son and he says of his father's ministry, “...there isn't a place on the planet where Pastor Hagee isn't recognized as a preacher of the gospel.” (57) Wow! I would certainly think that is a bit of an overstatement! I am sure there are villages in Africa or Siberia or China where the inhabitants have never heard of the man.

Charisma House, 227 pages.

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