Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Red Letter Bible...or not - CEB

When I received my Common English Bible last week I was excited to see that it was black letter.  That is, the words of Jesus in the New Testament were not in red.
I prefer "black letter" Bibles.  I never did understand the motivation behind marking the words Jesus spoke while on earth in a style different from the rest of the Bible.  To me, it was all God's word.
Another reason I prefer black letter is because (and I am going to "stick my neck out" here, so to speak) nearly everything Jesus said while on earth was in the Old Testament era.  Even though the gospels are placed in the "New Testament" section of Bibles, the "new testament" era did not actually start until Jesus' death and resurrection.

Unlike me, you may want a red letter Bible.  The CEB is available in both the black letter and red letter editions.  You can browse the various editions of the CEB here.

Whether you have a red letter Bible or a black letter Bible, the important thing is read it!

I am taking part in a blog tour of the Common English Bible. I'll be blogging more about this Bible as the days go by.

You can see the blogs of others taking part of this tour here:

I received a complimentary copy of the CEB from its publisher for the purpose of this blog tour.

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