Monday, December 12, 2011

Triple Dog Dare by Jeremy V. Jones

It must be a guy thing. Before you know it, they are daring each other and then...the Triple Dog Dare! The king of dares. You just have to man up and do it!
Jeremy has a Triple Dog Dare that is greater than all others.
Guys like challenges. They want action. They like to be doing something.
This book is about doing faith. It is about putting faith in God into action.
Jeremy has arranged this devotional so that on every weekday there is one Bible verse or passage. Then there are some short thoughts about a real-life situation. Following are three Triple Dog Dares – ideas to put the theme of the day into action. At the end are a couple of questions, called Mission Accomplished, where results from yesterday's dares are written down.
On the weekend there is a section called Make Triple Dog Tracks where guys are encouraged to create something cool, like a movie or Noah's ark out of Legos. There is a section of stories about guys in the Bible who accomplished God's Triple Dog Dares.
Jeremy has provided plenty of journaling space so guys can record their thoughts. Guys are challenged to deal with some serious issues, like, “My biggest mistake I'd like to erase is...” The Triple Dog Dares are a variety of actions, anywhere from talking to parents about an issue, to writing a letter, to complimenting ten people, making snack packs for the homeless, donating your old clothes to charity, eating lunch at school with a kid who always eats alone, etc.
The graphics are great, just what guys aged 9-12 would like. The book is oversized and that might be a little intimidating to some boys.
The devotions are aimed at turning guys hearts toward God, inspiring them toward godly characteristics. It is a manual to help boys deepen their relationship with Jesus.

Jeremy Jones is an award winning journalist who has served as senior associate editor for Breakaway magazine. He has authored several books. He also writes for magazines such as Clubhouse and Christianity Today. He, with his wife and two children, lives in Colorado.

David C Cook, 384 pages.

I received a complimentary copy of this book from David C Cook for the purpose of this review

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