Friday, February 10, 2012

Mornings With Jesus 2012

One thing that will transform your spiritual walk is spending mornings with Jesus.  To create this book, several women poured out their hearts and shared their lives in an effort to highlight how you can deepen your relationship with Jesus.
The devotional format of this book is traditional.  There is a one page reading for every day of the year.  It begins with a Bible verse, followed by a devotional written by one of seven writers.  They show you how the Scripture made an impact on them in a moment in their lives.  A "faith step" ends the daily reading, suggesting a practical way to apply what you have read to your own life.
Here are a few examples.
In Mark 15 we read where Jesus was wrongly accused before Pilate. Tricia Goyer shares an experience when she was wrongly accused by some people of using their words in a book she wrote. “It's hard when others accuse you. Our first reaction is to deny people's claims and try to explain what really happened. We want others to know we are right.” (16) Tricia uses Jesus' example to encourage us. “The next time some one doesn't believe you, don't allow an argument to erupt. Instead follow Jesus' example – be silent and allow your actions to speak louder than your words.” (16)
In Luke 8 we read of Jesus raising Jairus' daughter back to life. Sharon Hinck shares her thoughts on this passage as her father was dying. She was just out of college and struggled with knowing God had the power to heal her father. She brought her confusion to Jesus and received a comforting response.

Read a section from the book here.

Since the devotions are written by seven different women, the style and content differs from day to day.  I found I had a couple of favorites while some others did not connect with me.  Also, I guess I expected this devotional to be more on the life of Jesus.  It is not.  However, each day's reading, whether the Scripture is from the Old Testament or the New, has something about Jesus in the application of the passage.

Indices in the back are valuable in that they allow you to find a devotion on a particular Scripture or topic.  Even though we are well into the year, this book would make a valuable resource for anyone needing to give a devotional at a gathering.

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Guideposts, 377 pages.  Buy the book.

I received a complimentary copy of this book from Guideposts for the purpose of this review.

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