Saturday, February 4, 2012

The Sound of Red Returning by Sue Duffy

Liesl Bower is an accomplished pianist. She had been mentored by her Harvard professor, Dr. Devoe. Fifteen years ago she saw her mentor killed, shot by Russians. She was shocked to find that Dr. Devoe had been a double agent for the CIA and for the Russians.
Unknown to Liesl, as she picked up her music, she also picked up a piece Devoe had altered to reveal the name of the Russian mole high in the Israeli Ministry of Defense. While she had been interrogated, no evidence was found to incriminate her so she had been released. She had been pursuing her music since then. Liesl had once played the piece of music Devoe had altered, was a bit confused at the “errors,” but had merely packed it away.
International tensions have been recently mounting as it appears some in the Russian government are planning to regain the nation's former power. New intelligence suggests that Liesl has a document that would impact the security of the U.S. and a favored ally. Finding the coded piece of music may be the only hope in keeping Israel from being destroyed. But the ruthless Russians know of the music too and are bent on finding it before the Americans. Liesl's life is in danger as agents from both countries are desperate to find the document.

This is a well crafted book. The plot is reasonable and realistic.
I have to admit, at the first I felt like I was reading a sequel, as there is great deal of important action that happened fifteen years before. However, as the book progressed, Duffy deftly included the past into the current action so that it was a pleasure to read.
There is a good measure of intrigue and suspense. There is a past that Liesl must deal with, including a father who abandoned his family. There is a nice hint of romance for the independent Liesl to embrace.
And there is the God who Liesl shuns. Be He will not let her go, bringing people across her path who keep reminding her of His love.
This is the first in a series so I look forward to the sequel.

Sue Duffy is the author of two other novels and has had her award winning writing appear in several magazines, including Moody. She and her husband have three grown children. See more at

Kregel Publications, 288 pages.

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I received a complimentary copy of this book from the publisher for the purpose of this review.

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