Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Constantly Craving by Marilyn Meberg

Humanity (Eve) once had perfection and wholeness. It was lost and now we long for it. We think we can find it in romance, accomplishments, possessions, etc. Maybe it is just a restlessness, an itch for something more. We are just not satisfied.
Marilyn identifies that longing in this book. She names it so we can understand it and investigate its possible fulfillment. She looks at how the cravings express themselves and how we can better understand them.
First is romance and its stages. She looks at how our cravings (for touch and others) affect the marriage relationship.
Next is our longing for contentment and how Paul learned to be content. After that, Marilyn writes about happiness and enlarging our capacity for happiness (developing an attitude of gratitude). She explains our need for intimacy, how friendships include our willingness to help in time of need, and how we can mentor others.
And who doesn't want more time? She encourages us to take the time to do the right thing, including time with the Creator.
We crave meaning for our life. We will only find ultimate meaning by placing our hope in God. “He is our inner significance that provides meaning for all we do.” (87) Knowing God and loving others gives meaning to life. Marilyn gives suggestions for clarifying your sense of purpose. She reminds you that ultimately only God can satisfy your craving for meaning and purpose.
And what about craving revenge? An unforgiving spirit is a heavy load. Confession is a necessary practice.
Sometimes we long for the familiar, the comforting, the security of what was.
Ultimately, Marilyn says:
Why do we have cravings? We're homesick.
Homesick for what? Heaven.
Homesick for whom? God.” (132)
Only God will totally eliminate all our cravings and only when we're home with Him in heaven.
Should we just give in to our cravings? It's easier. Marilyn reminds us that as long as we are still on this earth, we will be faced with cravings and the temptation to take the path of least resistance. Don't forget how much the Father loves you and encourages you to do.

I was a little surprised by this book. I guess I was expecting something humorous (as some of the Women of Faith books are). But this is a serious topic and I can tell Marilyn feels deeply about it. This is not a book with “how to” suggestions. Only God can fulfill our longings and we are encouraged to trust in Him.

Thomas Nelson Publishers, 240 pages.

I received an egalley from the publisher for the purpose of this review.

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This sounds like a good book. Great review!