Monday, July 30, 2012

Hot Buttons series by Nicole O'Dell

Do you feel like you just do not have the material you need to help your teens make wise choices? Then these books are for you.
Nicole came to the realization that it would be far better to talk to her children about issues before they were forced to make the choices. She wanted to give them the information they needed to make the choices and understand the consequences when poor choices were made.
So she devised a game called Scenarios. She would give her kids a scenario – as though they were facing that situation right then. They would have to choose between the options she allowed them. She made sure they felt safe, even in making the wrong decision. They would have a talk after the decision was made and the consequences known.
Nicole created the Hot Button series as a way to help you bring the principles and practices of the Scenario game to your own home. The first book deals with Internet activity and the dangers in can bring. The second addresses boy-girl attraction and relationship issues. There will be two more books released in the fall – drugs and sexuality.
Nicole helps you take a preemptive move, even with your tweens. She explains why ten or eleven years old is not too young to start talking with your children about these issues. She details various hot button issues and includes warning signs to watch for and action to take right away.
She also includes actual scenarios. There is a story to tell, options to give, discussion questions to ask, and a Bible verse on the issue. She has even added ways to begin to reverse mistakes and repair damage already done.

This is an excellent series and great help for you in preemptive parenting.

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Nicole O'Dell is the mother of six, host of Teen Talk Radio and Parent Talk Radio. She is the author of more than a dozen books.

Kregel Publications, 168 pages.  Publisher's product page.

Please visit your local Christian bookstore to purchase these books.

I received complimentary copies of the first two books in this series from the publisher for the purpose of this review.

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