Tuesday, February 12, 2013

The Art of Falling in Love by Joe Beam

Joe Beam helps people fall in love. He has learned how to do this through personal experience, by studying social and medical science, and from the tens of thousands of couples he has guided through the love process. He calls that process the Love Path. “On this path, anyone can find and experience love, relationships can be built to last, and relationships can be rescued if they fail.” (9) This includes physical, intellectual, emotional and spiritual aspects.
Joe gives us the tools to understand the path we have already walked. This includes great insights about projecting an image, causing doting couples to not be who they really are individually. Understanding limerence and how it differs from love is essential. He also shows how temperaments affect relationships.
He also helps us learn how to get what we want and need from love. This requires not only a relationship with another person but also a deeper understanding and appreciation for life itself.
He gives us tools to learn how to overcome the past. He says and marriage can be saved. Each must quit doing what is destroying the marriage. They they must do again the things that lead in the right direction on the Love Path. He admits that it is not easy and both must be willing to give and take.
He also helps us to fall in love the “right” way. He helps us understand how love works and how it can be built to last. He covers the bonds of respect, fulfillment, spirituality and passion. He also addresses topics like control, cooperation, dreams, and compromise.

Joe wrote this book from his own heart and personal experience. He ought to know. After fifteen years of marriage, Joe and his wife divorced. Three years later they married again. It wasn't easy, he says. It took personal growth, understanding, perseverance – and a few swift kicks to his backside.

I was impressed with this book. Joe delivers. His insights into why marriages go the wrong way are excellent. A pastor or other individual who counsels would certainly benefit from this book. But the book is really aimed at anyone interested in establishing a loving and lasting marriage. Joe includes great summaries at the end of each chapter. He has also provided an extensive Group Discussion Guide at the end of the book so this would be a good choice for a small group or Sunday School class.

You can find out more about Joe's word at www.MarriageHelpers.com.

Joe Beam is an internationally known speaker and author. He founded Family Dynamics Institute in 1994 and led it for fourteen years. In 2008, he founded LovePath International because he wanted to help singles and married couples live and love so that their relationships will be all they can be. He and his wife live in Nashville, Tennessee. They have three grown daughters.

Howard Books (a division of Simon & Schuster), 230 pages. Go to the publisher's product page where you can browse inside the book.
(Note: this book was previously published as Your Love Path, 2009.)

I received a complimentary copy of this book from the publisher for the purpose of this review. The opinions expressed here are my own.

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