Sunday, September 29, 2013

Examine Your Faith by Pamela Christian

Do you want to live your life on the basis of a lie?” Pamela asks. She experienced a crisis of her own faith and realized she was a Christian in name only. She began the process of examining her faith and wants others to do the same. She does not want anyone to come to a test and find their faith faulty. She wants to make sure faith is on a solid foundation and based on truth.

She notes that in her own life she needed to establish a confident conviction of the object of her faith – believing faith. That is what this book is about. She has written it to help others come to faith, faith in Christ.

She establishes the difference between belief and faith. Faith is acting on what we believe. Many people take their beliefs from various religions. She notes the problems with that and the importance of examining personal faith.
She arrives at a definition of sound faith, distinguishes feeling and thinking, explores how truth is determined, and looks at religious pluralism. She provides information about the origin and beliefs of the top six religious belief systems: Judaism, Buddhism, Hinduism, humanism (including New Age), Islam, and Christianity. She adds personal testimonies of people who practiced them. She looks at evil and how the various religions deal with it, comparing them to Christianity. She then has an extended section on Jesus, predictions of His birth, His ministry, and evidence for His resurrection.

She concludes by encouraging readers to conclude that the Christian faith provides the best possible explanation for our world, the existence of God, the reality of pain and suffering and the conclusion of evil. (191)

This would be a good book to give to a non-Christian who is honestly seeking the truth, especially a person in one of the major religions. Pamela does a fine job of identifying the beliefs of the major religions and showing that Christianity presents the best belief system. I was a bit disappointed in her section on the Distinction of Christianity, such as the various denominations. That topic seems to be a serious deterrent to some believing in Christ.

While not specifically aimed at Christians, this would be a good book to read to gain an overview of the major religions, the ones some of your neighbors may adhere to. It would help you identify issues where you could offer better answers from Christian faith.

Pamela Christian began her ministry as a Teaching Director for Community Bible Study in the 1990s. This was followed by invitations to speak across the country for various organizations, which she continues to do. She initially wrote workbooks for her retreats and conferences. Her writing expanded to book compilations, magazines and several e-books. She has a certificate in apologetics from Biola University and her passion is helping others in matters of faith. She and her husband live in Southern California with their two grown children living nearby. You can find our more about her and her ministry at

WestBow Press, 228 pages.

I received a complimentary egalley of this book from the author through the Book Group Network for the purpose of this review.

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