Monday, September 9, 2013

Sword Study, Bible Studies for the Entire Family

Have you wanted to study the Bible together as a family but have been unable to find age graded materials for your entire family? Have you wanted to incorporated an intergenerational Bible study at your church but didn't know where to begin?

This study series may be exactly what you are looking for. The Sword Study is a collection of age appropriate studies for the whole family. It includes materials for those age 4 through adult. The same book of the Bible is covered in each guide but with graphics and learning tools appropriate for the specified age.

  • Level 1, for ages 4-7, is an activity book with coloring, drawing, matching and other fun learning tools.
  • Level 2, for ages 7-10, contains light reading, fill-in-the-blank, and application sections.
  • Level 3, for ages 11-14, involves more investigation and questions for the student to answer.
  • Level 4, for teens and adults, steps up the reading and the depth of study including the definition of Greek and Hebrew terms.
  • Level 5 is for the parent or study leader with guidance and background material to lead a group of all ages.

I looked over the II Timothy study. It covers ten weeks with five studies per week. Each day starts with an “On My Knees” with a short written prayer, a short portion of II Timothy to write out, and then a longer portion to read. The Investigative Study follows, including questions about the passage. Suggestions to apply the study follow, then an A.C.T.S. Prayer time and sometimes a “Digging Deeper” section.

Each chapter in II Timothy is studied over two weeks. There is a chapter overview at the beginning and a chapter summary at the end. Once a week the family gets together for a review and discussion (see notes on the Parent Guidebook below). It is suggested this get together should be on the weekend as it includes fun ideas for food and activities.

Notes: The Parent Guidebook contains 60 pages of ideas for leading the study with your family. It includes a “Getting Started” section giving an overview of that week's study. Then there is “Get Ready!” for each week, including a few notes, a summary, and some creative ideas for family weekend activities related to the study. Next is an outline for the weekly family meeting with Scripture to read, worship time, discussion questions to ask, call for prayer needs, recommended Bible memorization for the next week, and a closing Scripture and prayer. This section also contains answers to the crossword puzzle and other activities in the studies for children.
The preschool study does require some reading and other help from someone older.

Yes, this study will take time and dedication from parents. You may have to miss a television program or two. But the family fellowship and the intentional discipleship is certainly worth it. Parents have been given the responsibility of shepherding their children's relationship with Jesus. This material will help you do that.

The Sword Studies currently available are II Timothy and I John. I Peter is scheduled for release in the fall of 2013. A new study is scheduled to be released each year.

You can go to to find out more information, such as how to use the study in your home and in your church, actual sample pages of the study, pricing, how to obtain the studies, and following the Foundation blog.

Tammy McMahan and her husband Mark have been committed to The Shelby Kennedy Foundation and its programs since it began in 2009. Tammy serves as the Vice President and author of the family-centered Sword Study Bible study series. Mark and Tammy home school their five children on their small farm near Wilmington.
The Shelby Kennedy Foundation exists to help families strengthen their personal relationship with the Lord. They do this by coming alongside parents as they disciple their children through in depth study of the Word of God, Scripture memory and prayer.

I received a complimentary copy of this study through Glass Road Media for the purpose of this review.

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