Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Experiencing God's Presence by Linda Evans Shepherd

Friends openly communicate with one another. They're open and honest. They have lively discussions.

But what about your communication with God? Don't you want a vibrant prayer life? Linda shares in this book how she learned to pray and listen to God's voice. “As we learn to hear God's voice, we will experience the closeness to God that will ignite our very being with even more of his loving presence.” (18)

Having a vibrant prayer life often means we must get past some misconceptions we have about ourselves and about God. Linda takes us through many of these issues, such as dealing with the devil, spiritual warfare, feeling unloved or unforgiven by God, disappointments, fears, and much more.

She shares her ABCs of prayer: Acknowledge him, Bring it, Chat. She encourages us: “You are not invisible or insignificant to Jesus. He loves you and is waiting for you to notice that his blessings are also for you.” (56) She helps us regain hope when we have lost it, helping us to focus on the right things. She also gives the creative retelling of several Bible stories, doing so in a way that helps illustrate the truth she is explaining.

Unlike many books on prayer, Linda has us frequently pray. She'll stop several times in a chapter and have us pray a written prayer reflecting the principle she has just covered. She has also included a number of practical exercises on prayer too. And there is more. At the end of each chapter she gives us the opportunity to respond, giving space to write, and then adds a section on listening prayer, then a written prayer to help us make the truth in the chapter personal.

There is also a great discussion guide at the end of the book. That would make this book a great choice for a small group or study.

If you are having trouble in your prayer life, I would recommend you read this book. It is very practical and extremely helpful. It is a great encouragement to have the prayer life you have been longing for.

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Linda Evans Shepherd is an award-winning author, a successful speaker, and a radio personality. The president of Right to the Heart Ministries, she is the author of two previous books and coauthor of the Potluck Club books and the Potluck Catering Club series. She lives with her family in Colorado.

Revell (a division of Baker Publishing Group), 224 pages.

I received a complimentary copy of this book from the author through the Book Club Network for the purpose of this review. 

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