Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Everyday Prayers by Scotty Smith

This is by far the best devotional I read this year. Scotty lists a portion of Scripture, usually several verses, then he records his prayer revolving around the passage. His prayers are so honest … and so convicting. These are prayers from his heart. Sometimes they are praise. Sometimes they are a lament. But they are always written with such honesty they will go right to your own heart.

This book gave me a whole new understanding of what it means to “pray the Scripture.” It will be the standard with which I read all others on the topic. Reading his prayers gives much insight on how to read and then reflect on Scripture. It is almost as if Scotty is a modern day psalmist.

I highly recommend this devotional. It is one thing to read a book about praying the Scripture. It is quite another to read the actual prayers of one doing so. It will continue to move you year after year.

Scotty Smith is founding pastor of Christ Community Church (PCA) in Franklin, Tennessee. He has also planted five daughter churches in the area. He is an adjunct professor at Covenant Theological Seminary and regularly teaches at Reformed theological Seminary in Orlando.

Baker Books, 384 pages.

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