Friday, December 20, 2013

The Identity of Purity by Rhianna Sanford

For many teen-aged girls today, sexual purity is a foreign concept. Rhianna wants them to know what purity is and why it is important.

She helps young people recognize true love. She lays bare the sneakiness of sin. She identifies and helps teens avoid the hurdles to purity: media, peer pressure, sexual temptation, drugs and alcohol, and pride. Rhianna wants teen girls to keep foremost God's view of sex, not television's, not their friends', not what society is proclaiming.

She points out that it makes a difference who your friends are, how you treat others, and yes, how you dress. She has great guidelines for modest dress. For example, she suggests keeping all of the bosom concealed – yes, even that little show of cleavage. Young women want a potential husband to be attracted to them first, because of what is on the inside – your character. Having a fellow be attracted to you first because of your body, well, that is setting the stage for lust, resulting in disaster.

Rhianna wants teens to recognize that their true beauty is in their Godliness. When a teen places her identity in Christ, she will not want to flaunt her body. She presents excellent insights on accepting the gift of salvation and activating a prayer life.

She includes great stories from her own life to illustrate the principles she presents.

Rhianna observes that many Christians are more concerned with the possibility of misstepping in what our current social culture says than what God says. If you are more concerned about the latest fashions or television shows than you are about what God thinks of them, you need to read this book, regardless of your age. It will bring you back to a place of being more concerned with God's thoughts than anything society can produce.

This is a great book for teen girls. It is a great book for teens and moms to read together. I highly recommend it.

Rhianna Sanford and her husband, Alessandro, founded and pastored Living Waters Family Church in Courtland, Kansas. She is a businesswoman, singer and musician. She is the mother of three and the family lives in Olathe, Kansas. You can find her on Facebook, and, and on Twitter, @PurityDefined.

You can buy the book here.

I received a complimentary digital copy of this book from the author for the purpose of this review.

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