Monday, February 10, 2014

Stop Waiting ... Start Winning by Dr. Teresa Hairston

Do you have a vision that drives you, that motivates you through your journey in life? Teresa encourages us to develop an authentic vision from God and uses Habakkuk as an example. From him she sees four principles: watch, write, wait, walk.

She shows how humility is part of the “watch” process. She explains how humility positions us to see the vision from God. She does the same with wisdom and then shows how a mature faith is necessary.

She then covers writing down the vision, giving it a necessary physical clarity. Next is the principle of process – waiting. This may includes times of frustration, disappointment, maybe even the temptation to give up. She shows how patience is necessary. She then writes about the final phase, walking. It involves passion, productivity, and perseverance.

Teresa knows that there will be times when it seems we are starting all over again. Rather than be frustrated, we are to understand that it is a growing time and she gives a six step process to go through to move on to the next level.

This book is full of examples from Scripture as biblical characters received a vision from God and then followed it through. Teresa has added questions at the end of each chapter so the book could be used for a group study too.

There are no complicated techniques in this book. But it is full of encouragement to receive a vision from God and then persevere in the developing process.

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Dr. Teresa Hairston is the founder of Gospel Today magazine. It became the longest running and most widely distributed Christian lifestyle magazine in history. She retired from Gospel Today in 2011 and passed the legacy to her son. In 1994 she founded The Gospel Heritage Foundation, which celebrates and educates regarding worship. She is an ordained elder, preacher of the Gospel, teacher and author. She has been the host of of a TV show and a nationally syndicated radio show. She is single, lives in Atlanta, and is the grandmother of five. Find out more about her and her ministry at

Destiny Image, 128 pages.

I received a complimentary copy of this book through the Book Group Network for the purpose of this review.

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