Friday, November 14, 2014

Journey Into Love by Nicola Neal

Neal shares how the Lord told them her husband, Simon, was to quit his job. Their church offered them a job and for seven years they worked with youth and children. They experienced God's provision in miraculous ways. Yet she struggled with pain, anxiety, and fear of failure. She took a sabbatical from ministry and spent time with Jesus, experiencing healing and a change within.

They came to feel they were to give their lives to the rescue and restoration of children and families in Africa but really didn't know what that mean. People prophesied over them that it was time to go. They met with their pastor and he encouraged them. Twelve weeks later they were in Uganda.

They are currently working in four slums on the west side of Kampala. The smallest has around a thousand people while the largest has over a million, living in extreme poverty, in a desperate situation with violence, death and disease. The Neals and their team hold healing crusades, praying for people. They have an ongoing work helping people come out of poverty for good.

This is a very personal account of her experiences. Rather than just giving a record of the events, she shares lessons she has learned through her life in Africa. She writes about the power of love, brokenness and sacrifice, what love looks like, and love casting out fear. Even though she and her husband had to return to England because of a critical illness he had, she knew they would go back. She had seen the need and knew she could not walk away from it. She shares a number of stories of children they have helped. Some just break your heart. The are all part of he author's journey into love.

This is a moving story of one woman answering the call to help the poor and needy. You will be encouraged and challenged by reading it.

You can go to their website,, to find out the latest news about their work, find out the projects they are working on, and sign up for a newsletter.

Nicola Neal and her husband, Simon, are the Founders and Directors of Revelation Life based in Kampala, Uganda and were formerly part of the senior leadership team of Bath City Church. They are passionate about bringing this emerging generation into a life-changing encounter with their heavenly Father. Find out more at

Destiny Image, 175 pages.

I received a complimentary copy of this book through The Book Club Network for the purpose of an independent and honest review.

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