Thursday, November 26, 2015

Waking Up by Ted Dekker

I've read many of Dekker's novels so when I saw this short and free spiritual memoir, I was quick to download and read it.

There are some parts of this booklet I really appreciated. He shares a bit of his own experience growing up, his disconnect with faith, than an experience that transformed his vision, seeing who he truly is as a son of God. We also find out the role writing has played in his spiritual life.

I appreciated Dekker's insight into how many of us experience our spiritual lives. There is an elephant in the room, he writes. “We are not being who we say we are.” Also, “We call ourselves Christians but we are not known for the kind of love Jesus said would mark His followers.”

Dekker wants to awaken us to a new way of being, The Forgotten Way. Forgotten: because we are prone to forget the truth of who we are, the truth that sets us free. Way: because the first believers called themselves people of the Way.

He gives a good synopsis of The Forgotten Way in five simple declarations. Here are just the main points:
  • God is infinitely good, God is infinitely complete
  • You are remade in the likeness and glory of your Father
  • Your journey now is to see who you truly are
  • You will only see and be who you are by surrendering your attachment to all other identities
  • Love, joy, and peace are the manifestation of your true identity
When it comes to the point of wanting to experience the same kind of transforming experience Dekker had, he directs us to where we can buy his 21 day devotional that will forever change the way we see ourselves and the world we live in.

Even though I was disappointed that this short work ended with a request to buy something from him, I think it is definitely worth reading. I gained some insight into the spiritual life of a favorite author and I was challenged to admit that there is an elephant in the room. I recommend it for those reasons.

It's a free download from Amazon and you can find it here.

My rating: 4/5 stars.

Ted Dekker is the best selling author of over thirty five novels. He and his family live in Austin, Texas. You can find out more at

Outlaw Studios, 27 pages.

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