Thursday, August 24, 2017

Where I End by Katherine Elizabeth Clark

I really liked this book. First off, Clark's story is amazing. A young boy climbing higher than he should have on playground equipment fell on her head giving her a spinal injury compared to that of Christopher Reeve. She shares the months of rehabilitation, the miracle of limb movement, relearning to walk, continuing pain. Now, years later, she still has an uncertain gait and lack of feeling in her fingers.

Clark's writing style is great, personable and a pleasure to read. She combines her experiences with her insights and adds thoughts about God, trust and the theology of tragedy. She knows that many of her questions will not be answered this side of heaven.

She wrote this book with the hope that Jesus will be glorified. She emphasizes the essential nature of the prayers for her. The people around her could tell God was moving because of the faithful intercessions of others.

Clark is not the same person she was before the accident. She can't run. She drops things. She falls. She has constant nerve pain. Every day she faces her own fragility. Nonetheless, she is a testimony to the power of prayer and faith in a healing Savior.

This is a good book for those who want to understand the experience of one blind sided by tragedy. Clark helps us realize how she persevered and how her condition affected her children too. She reminds readers that each of us has a story to tell of God's faithfulness. Questions for reflection and discussion are included.

Food for thought: “When doctors were at their end, God was beginning.” (166)

This book will be releasing January 2, 2018.

My rating: 5/5 stars.

Katherine Elizabeth Clark is a wife and mom. With a background in psychology, she has spent much of the last twenty years working and writing for a nationwide Christian radio and counseling ministry. She and her family live in Wheaton, IL.

Moody Publishers, 240 pages.

I received a complimentary advanced reader copy of this book. My comments are an independent and honest review.

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