Sunday, May 16, 2010

Her Mother's Hope by Francine Rivers

Rivers deviates from her usual fiction to investigate her ancestors.  In this novel, the first in a two part series, Rivers tells the story of her grandmother.  Marta was forced by her father to go to work as a young teen in Switzerland.  She manages to get to Canada where she lives her dream by owning a boarding house.  She marries and goes with her husband as he has agreed to sharecrop without her knowing.  After years of hardship they move to California, where the hardship continues.
Rivers writes well and the story is intriguing as the author tries to explain the hard feeling between River's mother and grandmother.  She does it in a manner totally believable.  I am looking forward to the sequel.
Tyndale House Publishers, 483 pages.

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I've actually struggled with Francine Rivers lately. I found that Her Mother’s Hope didn’t have very much hope at all. After writing my own review (which you can read at ) I went out and read about 50 other reviews, and 50 out of 50 loved this book. I guess there’s always one in the crowd who doesn’t fit in – and this time it’s me. :-(