Sunday, May 9, 2010

Intervention by Terri Blackstock

Barbara's was a nice Christian family.  Then her husband died.  A couple of years later her teenage daughter Emily has become captive to drugs.  Barbara arranges to have her daughter sent to an intervention facility but the woman escorting Emily is murdered and Emily is observed fleeing the scene and is missing.
When the police are slow to believe Emily is innocent, Barbara takes matters into her own hands.  She struggles with trusting God as she pursues Emily and the kidnapper.  She eventually comes face to face with the man so taken with hatred that he is ready to kill again.
Blackstock tells us at the end of the book that she has written this novel out of her own experience.  She faced the struggle of intervention when her own daughter became addicted to drugs.
This is a good novel.  It has just enough family struggle and police intrigue to hold my interest.  This may be a hard novel for parents to read.  I do recommend it.

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