Saturday, May 22, 2010

Embracing Your Second Calling by Dale Hanson Bourke

Bourke believes that “God has a special purpose for women in the second half of life that is world-changing in its scope.” (8) To understand God’s call we must turn away from clinging to youth. “We will be given a power and purpose beyond anything we have experienced.” (8) “God wants us to spend the second half of our lives worrying less about what we do and more about who we become.” (10)
This book is not about the shape of your body. It’s about the shape of your heart.
Bourke kept a journal as she entered into the last third of her life. She shares her own experiences, the traits she wanted to develop and the projects she contemplated. She interweaves her own reflections with the story of Naomi and the transitions she went through.
Readers are encouraged to be women living fully in whatever season of time they find themselves. Bourke shares stories and gives ideas on how to deal with the past, on leaving the past behind, addressing the idols in your life, and dealing with the transition in identity. Bourke is well read and she suggests many books to help the reader pursue study in areas of need.
Bourke understands the importance of maintaining supportive friends and making new friends. She gives ideas of “being Jesus” to them and encourages older women to be mentors.
Bourke has included boxes beside the text that give suggestions for the reader’s reflections and actions. These make the book a great choice for a group study. A reader could also go through the book alone but will want to have a journal nearby for recording thoughts.
If you are in the second half of your life, reading this book will help you finish well.
This book was provided for review by Thomas Nelson Publishers.
Thomas Nelson Publishers, 205 pages.

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