Monday, May 3, 2010

90 Minutes in Heaven By Don Piper with Cecil Murphey

Piper was pronounced dead after a semi crossed over and hit his car.  A pastor in the line of waiting cars after the accident felt called to pray with Piper, even though discouraged by emergency personnel.  Ninety minutes after the accident, Piper began to sing along with the pastor.  He had come back to life.
Piper relates what he experienced in those ninety minutes although much of it is more than he is able to articulate.  His description of heaven is only a few pages.  The rest of the book contains Piper's experiences in the hospital (34 surgeries), recuperating and ministry he now does with severe accident victims.
Piper has assurance that heaven is real.  He knows that God is still in the miracle business and he knows that God answers prayer.
If you are expecting a detailed description of heaven, this book is not for you.  Piper is still skeptical of such detailed accounts but he is sure of his own experience.  He still has many questions, such as why God had him come back to earth.  Piper does have peace, however.
This book might be good for someone going through a long time of recovery after a serious medical problem.  There is not a clear presentation of the gospel so one would have to verbalize a gospel presentation if you wanted to use this book for that purpose.
Revell, 205 pages.

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