Monday, May 16, 2011

The Alarmists by Don Hoesel

It is December of 2012. A special Pentagon task force headed by Colonel Richards has noticed an increase in man-made and natural disasters. Brent Michaels is a sociologist whose specialty is seeing order in chaos. He is pulled on to the team in an attempt to understand what is going on.
Arthur Van Camp might just be the richest man in the world. But he wants more. He owns a number of companies, companies that would benefit from unrest in the world. So he has been causing it. An oil refinery bombed. A terrorist attack. And the events accelerate as the time gets closer to December 21, the day the Mayan calendar ends.
Captain Amy Madigan has been assigned as Michael's right hand assistant. As the two pursue the analysis of the troubling events, they also begin to get to know each other. The excitement grows as they go with a team to investigate a terrorist attack and are attacked themselves.
Van Camp's right had man is Alan Canield. He is given the money and power to cause the necessary havoc. His grand plan is to plant explosives on an ice shelf in eastern Antarctica and blow the shelf on December 21. The resulting tsunami would hit the coast of China with a vengeance, killing millions. And who would the Chinese blame but the U.S. Canfield has a plan and it is progressing right on schedule.
Only Richards' team can stop the planned devastation.

Hoesel has crafted an exciting novel. The action is believable and the characters are well developed. I recommend this book for a great read.

Bethany House, 314 pages.

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