Friday, May 13, 2011

Died in the Wool by Elizabeth Ludwig and Janelle Mowery

There is money to be had from the city and librarian Monah wants it for much needed upgrades of the library computers. Wayne is trying to sell the community on a sports complex. Ken wants the money for the fire department. And Miss Tait thinks the school district is in dire need of the funds.
It has been a cold day in the library. The air conditioner won't quit and library patrons are shivering. And then comes in dour Miss Tait with teenagers. Trying to ease Miss Tait's complaining about the cold, Monah gives her the wool sweater on the back of her chair.
As Monah is ready to close the library for the day, she notices a light in the bathroom and finds the summer school teacher dead. It turns out she has been poisoned. Was it in the water Monah gave Miss Tait?
Monah and Detective Mike are sweet on each other but the situation becomes difficult when it appears Monah might be a suspect in the murder case. A few days later an outdoor street fair is held and Monah is there, selling extra books to make some money for the library. Wayne dies shortly after having been given a bottle of water by Monah.
It doesn't look good for Monah or the relationship she has with Detective Mike. She only way she can prove her innocence is the find the killer herself. Just when she thinks she has found the culprit, the situation becomes more complex and she finds she might be next on the killer's list.
This is one of the HomeTown Mysteries from Barbour Publishing and it was delightful. The authors have done a good job with plot and characters. Monah and Mike are Christians and their faith comes through well. There is a good combination of mystery and humor. For a light mystery, this fits the bill.

I received an egalley of this book from Barbour Publishing for the purpose of this review.

Barbour Publishing, 256 pages.

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