Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Telling Yourself the Truth by William Backus and Marie Chapian

This classic book has been reissued and it is as good today as it was decades ago.

What do you tell yourself, truth or lies? Misbelief therapy involves identifying the misbeliefs, removing them, then replacing them with the truth.

Our thoughts determine who we are. It is not past events but our thoughts about them, what we tell ourselves about them, that determine how we feel. What you are telling yourself is all important for emotional and mental health. “You are the controller of your happiness and your unhappiness.” (20)

The authors help us change our beliefs, but it means work. They take us through common misbeliefs, like depression, anger, anxiety and many more, then help us replace them with truth from the Bible.

The authors tell many encouraging stories of people who have worked through their misbeliefs. “Jesus sets us free to be the people we were meant to me – whole, beautiful, and capable of taking His strength as ours.” (92)

Their Three-Point Misbelief Therapy Outline:
  1. Locate and identify the misbelief in your thinking and self-talk.
  2. Argue against the misbelief.
  3. Replace the misbelief with the truth.
There is a lengthy study guide included in this book, making it a great choice for a class or small group.

Food for thought: “Happiness is something you teach yourself to be.” (183)

William Backus, PhD, founded the Center for Christian Psychological Services. He was a licensed clinical psychologist and an ordain Lutheran clergyman. He died in 2005.
Marie Chapian is a Christian counselor and author or coauthor of more than thirty books. She lives in Southern California.

Bethany House, 240 pages.

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