Thursday, May 22, 2014

Thrive by Lina AbuJamra

Are you tired of the singles' scene? Do you feel you were made for something more than hoping, looking, and waiting? Abujamra writes, “You were made to thrive.” (12) Jesus died for your sins and promised abundant life – not a life waiting for the right spouse.

If you don't want another singles book on waiting but rather one on living, this one is for you. “You are not half a whole;” she writes, “you were made whole in Christ.” (14) She wants you to live that life, to thrive.

Singleness is a gift God has lovingly and purposefully given to you in order to thrive. (God really does know best.)

Abujamra discusses five attitudes every single must have to thrive: learning contentment (four steps), choosing self-control (sex), embracing personal holiness as a lifestyle, understanding true freedom (from what you are set free), and pursuing undivided devotion with focus and energy.

She then tackles four obstacles single Christians must overcome: self-pity (the teaching on this topic is so good and so convicting), bitterness, idolatry, and loneliness.

She ends the book with practical ideas to get going, She adds short biographies of single people who have had tremendous impact for Christianity.

I really like this book and highly recommend it. There are several reasons. First is Abujamra's honesty. She shares her struggles, her failures, her questions – her life. Second is her teaching on I Corinthians 7. She is bold in what that passage really says. The single life is a good life (v. 8), a life of purpose (v. 32), and a happier life (v. 40). She has written this whole book from a very biblical viewpoint, something I appreciate very much. She also deals with issues singles face in a very practical way. A great book all around.

Food for thought: “If God's promises are true, then you were made to thrive no matter what your marital status.” (14) “If you're a single Christian … you get to spend all of the time married people spend on each other to simply focus on the Lord!” (104) “...[Y]our entire purpose and goal, single Christian, if you call yourself a follower of Jesus Christ, is to be utterly and completely devoted to the Lord.” (131)

Lina AbuJamra is a pediatric ER doctor, author, and speaker. A single woman in her 40s, she serves as the women's ministry director at Harvest Bible Chapel in Chicago, IL. You can find out more about her and read her blog at

Moody Publishers, 288 pages. Publisher's product page.

I received a complimentary copy of this book from the publisher for the purpose of an independent and honest review.

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