Saturday, January 10, 2015

NASB Note-Taker's Bible from Zondervan

I like to write in my Bible. Points from sermons, insights from devotionals, thoughts from small groups – it all goes in the margins of my Bible. I do write small but room for all those words is hard to find in most Bibles.

I really appreciate the Note-Taker's Bible. It was made just for people like me. I'm given about an inch and a half on the outer sides and bottom of each page to write all the notes I want.

The Bible I reviewed is the New American Standard Bible. It's my favorite translation for study because it rates so high as a literal translation. The aim of the translators was to remain as faithful as possible to the original language. It is the perfect translation for dedicated note taking.

What you will not find in the Bible are many notes. Just a few translation notes appear at the bottom of the text. I was surprised to find a decent concordance at the back as well as a few other additions like a list of promises found in the Bible, and lists of Jesus' teachings, miracles, and parables. There are no maps included.

There are two aspects of the Bible I wish were different. One is the red letter. That's just a personal preference. I just like all the Bible in black letter.

The other issue is where the wide margins are located. You can see that there are no wide margins on the inside. That means that notes for both columns of text need to be recorded in the same area, the outer edge or bottom. One might want to devise a sort of short hand to indicate which column the note refers to. Interestingly, the concordance and other additions at the end of the Bible are centered on the page so there are relatively wide margins all around.

The paper in the Bible is typical of that for Bibles. I'm writing in pencil. One should always use a pen on one of the back pages to see if it bleeds through. The publisher recommends a pencil or ball-point.

This Bible is a great choice for people who like to jot down notes in the Bible.

Zondervan, hardcover, 1088 pages.

I received a complimentary copy of this Bible from the publisher for the purpose of an independent and honest review.

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