Monday, January 12, 2015

Gospel Formed by J. A. Medders

We need to stay in the gospel, Medders writes. We must be gospel centered. That means the person and work of Jesus is the central message in all things. He is our model for all of life and ministry. He is our motivation for obedience to God's Word. He is our means to carry out all that God commands.

The ultimate aim of this little book is to crank your worship of Jesus up to eleven.” (26) This happens through God as we are ignited by the glories of the gospel. He writes a great deal about gospel worship because it is a matter of the heart, not just lip service. He adds sections on the meaning of gospel community, gospel identity in Jesus, and our charge for the gospel mission.

Medders looks at Scripture texts, aiming our gaze to Jesus. He has presented some really good topics for Christians to think about, even people who have been Christians for a while. “We need to become experts in the art of preaching the gospel to ourselves,” Medders writes. (141) This book helps us do that, reminding us of the glories of the gospel and its essence to our being.

Medders has a great chapter on sin, emphasizing that Jesus is Lord of everything – including our eating. “A gospel culture is one where no sin is safe but sinners are always welcome.” (156) Medders advocates the use of catechism. As one who grew up memorizing my questions and answers weekly, I heartily agree.

This book is a good reminder of what it really means to be centered on the gospel. If the gospel has become boring to you, this book will inspire you to value it anew. If your Christian life has become mediocre, this book will inspire you to find your joy again. “We all need the same thing: a deep soak in gospel truth.” (81)

Unfortunately, there are no discussion questions included in the book, as it would make a good book for small group use.

J. A. Medders is the lead pastor at Redeemer Church (Acts 29) in Tomball, Texas. He has written for the Council on Biblical Manhood and Womanhood, Gospel-Centered Discipleship, Church Leaders, and more. Find out more at

Kregel Publications, 200 pages.

I received a complimentary copy of this book from the publisher for the purpose of an independent and honest review.

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